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If there’s one thing that makes me want to get crafty, it’s having a new place to decorate.  I’m craving some spare time to work on a few DIY projects to decorate my new studio, and these projects that I found through pinterest are a great source of inspiration.  I’m not tired of the marble trend yet and I’m particularly excited to experiment with copper pipes, as the possibilities seem to be endless.  To be continued, for sure!  In the meantime, check out my pinterest board for more diy inspiration!

  1. Mini copper and marble shelves by The Merrythought, find the tutorial here.
  2.  Pegboard by Fall for DIY, find the instructions here.
  3.  Neon letter light by I spy DIY, read the explanation here.
  4.  Hanging copper planter by A bubbly life, see the tutorial here.
  5.  Marble hexagon coasters by Homey Oh My, find out how to make them here.
  6.  Marble tray by Almost Makes Perfect, see the instructions here.
  7.  X-shaped coasters by François et Moi , read the how-to here.
  8.  Copper coffee maker by Homemade Modern, discover how to make it here.
  9.  Marble dipped vessels by Sugar & Cloth, find the tutorial here.


collection_ diy via au pays des merveilles

  1. DIY bedside table lamp by Emma-Jane Harbour and her husband Dylan, for Elle.
  2. Gilded marble hexagon serving boards by Sugar & Cloth.
  3. Do-it-yourself tassel garland by Chapter Friday.
  4. DIY vintage tennis racket mirrors by apartment therapy.
  5. Hand sewn clutch by Baroness O.
  6. Hanging rope shelves by a pair and a spare.
  7. Handmade mini macramé plant hangers by free people.
  8. Faux marble drawer knobs by a merry mishap.
  9. DIY hanging table by the merry thought.

View my pinterest board on diy’s here.

DIY: LP clock

lp clock diy via au pays des merveilles

As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I love giving handmade gifts.  Last week, it was my friend Lien’s birthday.  This girl is a music lover who still collects records, which makes her the perfect receiver for this LP-turned-clock experiment.  All the experimenting aside, it’s a very easy diy: find yourself a clock mechanism at your local craft supply store, an old record at the closest thrift store and you can already get started.  I threw some mint green spray paint in the mix and covered the original label with a marble texture I printed on thick paper.  By now I’ve made a second clock, which took me about 20 minutes to make (told you it was easy) but this first clock took me quite some time to say the least.  I blame it on all the experiments that involved different clock hands that turned out not to fit the mechanism (I might have to complain to my craft store about that), trying to paint the original label with acrylic paint (turned out awful, so tips on obtaining a smooth surface without visible brush strokes are welcome), finding the right size of saucer to cut out the circular label, figuring out the order of all the bolts and rubbers that come with the mechanism (still no clue, I winged it) and cursing the opening of the LP that was just a little bit too small for the mechanism to fit through (I solved it by wrapping some sanding paper around the handle of a thin paint brush, pushing it through and twisting it around).  Yes, lots of trial-and-error, which means you can don’t have to do that anymore when you give this a try!  Have fun!

PS.  For more DIY ideas, take a look at the diy category on this blog here or on my diy pinterest board.

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pretty things diy via au pays des merveilles

It’s been 2 months since I moved into my new home in Antwerp, but I haven’t gotten over my decorating slash DIY obsession just yet. As you can see, my current favorites can be found in the world of concrete, plaster and metal.

  1.  Copper pipe wall sconce, I already know the perfect place for this one in my room so I might give this a shot soon! (source)
  2.  Porcelain hands from etsy seller Hruskaa, unfortunately sold out (although they have similar ones here) but I think a similar result is achievable with some concrete or plaster and rubber gloves.
  3.  Easy DIY for a fancy kitchen towel rack.  (source)
  4.  Copper and plaster candle holder. (source)
  5. A much simpler candle holder, also in copper.  (source)
  6. Super cheap but super pretty stool.  I think I’m going to try this one!  (source)
  7. More copper with this pretty bud vase. (source)
  8.  Bulletin board made out of chicken wire.  (source)

diy paper globe via au pays des merveillesphoto by me

If you follow me on facebook, you already know that I’ve been a bit creative myself!  Find the tutorial for this paper globe here.

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diy furniture via au pays des merveilles

As I mentioned in this week’s pretty things post, me and my friends participated in the workshop ‘Libre objet’ in Brussels organized by Mathieu Gabiot.  The first day was spent discussing copyright and open source design (a form of co-creation, where design information is shared publically and the final product is designed and built by the users) , followed by thinking about Mathieu’s design ‘Bouctje’ (a small book rack, pictured above) and how we could transform it into our own design.  The second day was spent on constructing our own version of the Bouctje, resulting in everything from a version with an added side table, a rocking chair our a double version.  Soon, you will be able to download drawings and instructions on how to construct our designs.  Of course I will let you know when these come online, but for now you can click below and try to figure it out from this extensive photo report!

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diy via au pays des merveilles

As most of you know, I recently moved to Antwerp.  Obviously, a new place equals a new interior but unfortunately I’m still on a student budget.  Luckily, DIY’ing  is a lot of fun and a lot better for my wallet!  I’ve already started by making my first piece of furniture from scratch thanks to the workshop Libre Objet (expect a full photo report soon!) and my handmade Existenz lamp is still looking pretty after three years and one move.  But my room is far from finished yet (the piles of books on the floor can testify) so I can’t wait to create more pieces myself!  (If you’re looking for more inspiration, go to my pinterest or my previous blogposts.)

  1. Concrete ‘plastic cups’ for candles, reminding me of these.  (source)
  2. Wooden crate lights. (source)
  3. A merry mishap always has the best DIY’s, like this concrete diamond.  (source)
  4. Clock made from a tray. (source)
  5. Shelf – I’m so gonna make something like this. (source)
  6. Geometric paper lamp (source)
  7. Tin can pencil holders. (source)
  8. Clipboard inspiration wall. (source)

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PRETTY THINGSI came home from my Erasmus in Portugal with no money and the good intentions of buying less and recycling/DIY’ing more.  A plan that is surprisingly easy to stick too, if only I had a little bit more time on my hands to execute every idea!  Anyways, I’ve already had a lot of fun creating birthday gifts and redecorating my room, so I figured it’s time to let you in on all the fun.  It wasn’t an easy task to limit this list to just 8 ideas, so feel free to take a look at my pinterest board and these old posts.

  1. This kit introduces you to the art of Japanese bookbinding, although I’m sure with a little bit of google work you can find the right tutorials and start without the kit.
  2. I’m obsessed with decorations in concrete and combined with gold, I’m lost for sure.  Beau-ti-ful!  (source)
  3. Surely I’m not the only one who’s having trouble keeping her jewelry collection in order (at the moment I taped my necklaces to the wall with bits of colorful washi tape, not for heavy necklaces though!), and this branch display seems like the perfect way to do it.  And it’s gold! (source)
  4. A simple shirt and some scissors make for this gorgeous cut out top.  Easy-peasy!
  5. Throw in some architectural references in an interior and I’ll love it, so this skyline made out of what seems to be electrical cord is surely a winner in my book.  (source)
  6. All you need for this is simple white mugs and a porcelain marker.  I’ve tested this myself as a gift for my sister’s birthday and it has been approved!  You don’t even need a really steady hand, there are tons of simple designs anyone can do.  I pinned a lot of inspiring designs on my diy pinterest board and miss Mangelmoes even devoted a whole board to painted porcelain, so no excuses! (source)
  7. More branches!  I already declared my love to branches in interiors years ago, and my opinion hasn’t changed.  How beautiful is this lamp ornament?  (source)
  8. If you’re too lazy, you can buy this black and gold clutch here, but this shouldn’t be too hard to have a go at yourself.

Enough rambling, go get crafty!

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  1. Handmade folded notebooks are a must for every creative notebook lover.  (source)
  2. Glass etched decanter.  I love the triangle design!  (source)
  3. The only things that worries me about this chain camera strap, is how comfortable this could possibly be.  I’d love to try it though, it looks fabulous!  (source)
  4. Origami bows made out of magazine pages.  (source)
  5. Bored of your regular plastic camera?  Give it a makeover!  (source)
  6. Pop up polaroid card: seems perfect for an invitation.  (source)
  7. A colorful makeover for your everyday pots and dishes. (source)
  8. Braided bead bracelet.  I’ve been making bracelets like crazy lately, this one’s next on my to do list!  (source)
  9. More DIY camera straps!  (source)`

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PRETTY THINGS: to do yourself

1.  Pretty bowl with a doily print.  Do it yourself here. (source)

2.  Pretty bangles made out of twigs.  Do it yourself here.

3.  Pretty calendar with your favorite photos. Do it yourself here.4.  Pretty wrap dress.  Do it yourself here.

5.  Pretty leather collar.  Do it yourself here.  (I’m considering saving up for the real thing by Col Claudine, but I might have to try this one first…)

6.  Pretty T-strap bra.  Do it yourself here.

7.  Pretty printed t-shirt.  Do it yourself here.

8.  Pretty notebook.  Do it yourself here.

9.  Pretty headband.  Do it yourself here.

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