One of the things I was really looking forward to when my best friend came to see me in Lisbon, was paying a visit to the CCB, or the Centro Cultural de Belém.  We both love visiting museums of modern art (the fact that we spent all our money on museums when we were in Vienna says enough) so this was a must-do during her stay.  The CCB was one of the most fun museums we’ve visited together: one of the artworks included a sandpit, parrots, a tent and required bare feet, while another one existed out of a room with mattresses on the floor, rock’n’roll music and projections all over.  I’ll warn you right now for the photo overload, but I just couldn’t resist showing you all the wonderful art this museum has on display!  Oh – and they get two thumbs up for their creative use of signage!

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The former convent, Convento da Ordem do Carmo, and it’s church were severely damaged during the earthquake in Lisbon in 1755.  Until this day, the ruins of the Igreja do Carmo, are the biggest proof of the earthquake.  Nowadays, it’s an archeological museum which you can visit for only €2,50 if you’re a student.  In my opinion, you don’t have to go there to see the ‘archeological treasures’, but just to enjoy these breathtaking ruins.

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My best friends’ visit happened to coincide with Open House Lisboa, an event where you can take a tour in several buildings in Lisbon.  As we’re both architects, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass by.  There was just one tiny problem: we expected it to be similar to ‘dag van de architectuur’ in Flanders (you can see some photos of last year’s edition here), where you’re free to visit any building at any time.  So we didn’t subscribe in advance to see any buildings, with the result that we just explored a few buildings from the outside.  So here’s the first batch of photos, from the champalimaud centre for the unknown, which is a research centre for neurosciences and oncology.

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Every tuesday, the residents of an appartment building somewhere in Lisbon open their doors to everyone who’s interested.  You go through the building and take the fire escape to the roof of the building.  Here you’ll have an amazing view over the city, get a vegetarian meal for only 3 euros, meet wonderful people and watch an interesting movie.  In short, you’ll have a great evening!  I’m sorry for the bad quality of these photos by the way, they could’ve been so much better if I wouldn’t have slipped on one of Lisbon’s slippery sidewalks when it was raining (and thus even more slippery!), as I broke my 50 mm lens when I fell…  Lisbon gives and takes I guess!

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It took me two weeks before I finally had time to spend a day at the beach, but when I finally found an appartment and got settled, I enjoyed it even more.  With a few friends, we spent an entire day at praia guincho, one of the more beautiful beaches near Lisboa.  Despite the cold when it was getting later, we stayed there until sunset.  So worth it!

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Last Sunday, I made a trip to LX factory, an old industrial site which is now a creative island.  Here you can find wonderful shops, nice restaurants and bars, architects, fashion designers, advertising agencies, artists, photographers and so on.  And on top of that, each sunday the LX market takes place, where you can find both vintage and new treasures.

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I’m having such wonderful times here.  Enjoying outjazz on friday nights with amazing jazz bands, looking out over the river Tejo at the miradouro de Santa Catarina, close to the hostel where I stayed for almost two weeks and met so many lovely people, and close to my new home, that I’m so happy with.  Dancing to the great music at outjazz on sunday’s, meeting even more lovely people.  Life in Lisbon couldn’t be any better.

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In my last post about my trip to Lisboa, I want to give you one last must-go!  While strolling through the city, we found this adorable bar, LOSTin, with a spectacular view over Lisboa.  If you ever visit this city, you defintely have to spend some time here!  You can find it at Rua D.Pedro V, 56, or check out their website (as soon as it’s online) here.

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EXPO ’98

One day of our stay in Lisbon, was spent at the Expo Park.  In 1998, the world exposition was held in Lisbon, with the theme ‘The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future’.  Nowadays you can walk through the park, take a look at the pavilion of Portugal by Alvaro Siza (pictured above, but if you take a look here, you might get abetter idea of how impressing this building is), the trainstation by Calatrava, enjoy the ‘vulcanic’ fountains and so on.  We had a great time and there were lots of gorgeous things to see, so expect a picture-heavy post!

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I’ve already showed you streetviews of Lisbon, and the colorful ‘azulejos’ you find on almost every house.  This time I’m showing you clear views on Lisbon’s facades.  I’ve expressed my love for this city before, but I will again today!  All the houses are so bright and colorful, and there are beautiful and funny details to be found at every house:  pretty lanterns, bird cages next to the window with fake or real birds, colorful laundry drying outside the windows or beautiful plants bringing nature to the city.

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Perhaps you noticed it already in one of my previous posts about our trip to Lisbon (1, 2, 3), but almost every house in this Portugese city is covered in colorful tiles.  In Portugal, they are called ‘azulejos’ and they are very typical for this country, as production started in the 16th century and continues until today.  I photographed all my favourite patterns, so I thought, why not combine them in one post and show these little details that make this city so beautiful.

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One day of our stay in Lisbon, was spent in Belém (which is a part of Lisbon).  Unfortunately everything was closed for visitors (including the Belém tower in the upper photo), so we just made a walk along the course of the Tague and enjoyed the view.   This is also where I took this photo!

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I’ve finally gone through all my pictures of my trip to Lisbon, and I present you here the first batch!  Today I’m showing you some photos of which I hope they’ll give you an impression of what a lovely city Lisbon is and how many beautiful and colorful streets you come across when taking a walk through the city.

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This is one of my favourite photos of my trip to Lisbon: an old man, waiting for the fish to bite (his fishing rods are outside of the view), who found that one spot of shadow on the sunny quay.

PS.  Now we’re talking about my photos of Lisbon: I’ve finally sorted all of them out and you can expect many posts about my trip soon!

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(picture by my father)

One of the many places you must certainly visit when staying in Lisbon is the castelo de São Jorge.  The ruins of this castle offer an amazing view over the city and taking a walk through the castle while running into the many peacocks that enjoy it’s garden is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

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And I’m back!  I fell head over heels in love with Lisbon, it’s such a beautiful city, with it ‘s small streets, cute houses, adorable  trams and graffiti overload.  Expect a lot of photos (I’ve taken about 500 pictures) in the days to come!  Here’s the first batch, taken on our first walk in the city.

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